Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2013/2014

Pakistan's legendary fashion brand Nishat Textile Mills has launched Nishat Linen Winter Collection 20113-2014 for Women. Nishat Linen Winter Collection includes wide range of dresses designs in different color schemes which you definitely like.

Nishat Textile Mills is one of the top leading fashion brand in Pakistan fashion industry. They always introduce unique ideas of women clothing, men clothing and kids clothing. Nishat Textile Mills was established in 1951. They are manufacturing finest quality fabric for last 64 years.

Nishat Linen Winter collection includes different styles embroidered patterns on shirt front panels, shirt border, shirt back side, necklines and sleeves which made another star on this collection. We hope women definitely like this festive collection.

Please see below here latest Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2013/2014 for Women:-

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Top 3 Fashion Websites in Pakistan

In this article we are sharing with you top three fashion websites in Pakistan. These ranking are based on daily traffic, content quality and popularity of the websites.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Latest Style of Lehenga for South Asian Brides

A wedding is an auspicious occasion when the attire demands keen attention. Each tradition and culture has its own customs of wedding. The bridal wedding dress is the most noticeable thing in the entire ceremony and Lehenga is most important for the bride on the wedding day. It can be come in different colors and style that depends on the choice of the Bride. I am trying to focus on the lehengas which are in use in India and Pakistan, following are the different styles of lehengas which are too much in current days

A Line Lehenga
The A-line lehenga fits around the bodice and flows out to the ground just like the letter "A". Fabrics like silk, satin or organza is preferred while making this type of Lehengas. It suits almost all the body types except for women who do not have a defined waistline.

Fish Tail Lehenga
It gives the most elegant look to the bride with popping up the body shape of the bride. It is actually give the illusion of western gown. It has embroidered blouse. The perfect figured bride looks much elegant in this style.

Maxi Style Lehenga
In design of fish Lehnga, the lehnga is not style of State but is good for design as an adjustment to the body and its appearance when using.

Straight Cut Lehenga
Straight Cut Lehngas have no curves and is cut in straight lines. It can be related to the design of a column dress in a narrow shape which flows straight down to the hem. This lehnga style looks best on lean figures, both short and tall.

Wedding Lehenga Choli
Lehnga Choli has a historical dressing and it is used for the dating to the royal age of Mughal Empire. Lehnga choli play an important role to increase the beauty and make most attracted herself for others.

Gharara and Sharara
The gharry is the baggy style of wedding dress. It has lot of plates and drapes on it. it has open shirt style. it has embroidery at the front of the Kurt.

Circular Lehenga
These are the traditional wedding lehengas and give a perfect formal look. They have a very large circumference at the hemline. A number of fabrics like satin or chiffon can be used to make it. These lehengas give the impression of a fairy tale wedding.

Anarkali Style Lehenga
In it the plates and drapes starts from above the ankle area. The blouse and Kurt is sleeveless.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Latest Arabic Abayas (Burka) Styles

Abaya is the neccessory wearing of Arab females but now a days Abaya is getting popularity in different areas of world including Pakistan, India and other countries. Typically Abaya is used for the sake of Hijab but due to latest designs of Abayas, it become as a life style of Arabic and Asian countries.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Latest Ladies Dress Designs for Eastern Females

Its a very well saying that "First impression is last impression". We can implement this quote on the dressing of a person because the first thing which present you to others is dressing. ladies are too much keen in selecting dress design, everyone want to look different from other, so ladies select different design of dresses to look different. Here are some dress design for Indo-Pak females. In future I will try to cover more dress designs.

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